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Exclusive: Twista Opens Up About The Mike Brown Shooting



Chicago rapper, Twista, thinks that the Mike Brown shooting is bigger than just Mike Brown.

On Thursday, the “Kamikaze” rapper did an exclusive interview with HipHollywood in which he opened up about violence done both by and against black youth in America. Twista was personally moved by the story of 18-year-old Mike Brown, who was shot and killed by a Ferguson, MO police officer last week and urges people to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.

“The thing people gotta realize is, it happens every day — all day. It’s a bunch of people, it’s a bunch of mothers and fathers thats at home cryin’ right now, who kid got shot the same way,” he told HipHollywood cameras. “We gotta stop letting it happen to one person, and then we think like, “Oh it’s this big thing,” it happens every day and we need to jump on it right now.”

Watch the video above to find out what else Twista has to say about the Mike Brown killing.

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