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Lupe Fiasco Addresses Mike Brown Shooting: If You Cannot Beat Them, Join Them



Lupe Fiasco has joined the list of rappers including J. Cole, T.I., Twista and Nelly, who have spoken out about the Mike Brown shooting.

On Tuesday, the Chicago rapper took to Twitter and took a much different approach than other artists who have addressed the situation in the past week, his message, “If you cannot beat them … join them.”

“The tragic death of Mike Brown was the product of a system that can be changed. Protests & activism satisfy passions for the moment,” Lupe said in a series of tweets. “Long term goals & solutions must be on the minds of folks so events like this never happen again especially once the news leaves … Simply if you cannot beat them…join them,” he wrote and followed by posting a link to an article about how to become a police officer in Missouri. “Long term change only happens from within.

Lupe continued by posting links to information on how to join the police force with the idea that if people protesting police brutality joined the police force, they could enact the change that they are currently protesting for.

Read the rest of his tweets below:

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