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Kelly Rowland Keeping Body Tight During Pregnancy, Get The Workout Deets Here!



Kelly Rowland is just months away from giving birth to a healthy baby boy and the star is doing all she can to keep her body right and tight until popping out her bundle of joy.

The singer, known for her sick abs and cut arms, has been hitting the gym hard with celebrity trainer, Jeanette Jenkins. On Thursday night, Jenkins posted a snapshot of Rowland doing lunges while rocking a black sports bra and black workout pants.

“Beautiful Mama @kellyrowland working on her fitness today,” she captioned the image.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 6.50.18 AM

Jenkins went on to give the ultimate tips for pregnant moms as well as aspiring moms.

“If you plan on getting pregnant then it is best to start working out before you get pregnant & then continue at a lower intensity through your pregnancy! Research shows that a fit healthy mom that exercises before & during her pregnancy will have an easier labor, a healthier baby & get her post baby body back faster.”

She continued, “Always consult with your doctor before you start an exercise regimen as each woman’s journey through pregnancy is unique & individual.”

So here it is, per Nike athlete herself, the perfect pre-natal butt and leg exercises.

“1) Squat 15-25reps with a Kegel at the top 2) Stationary Lunge 10-15reps (hold onto chair if needed for balance) 3) Plié Squat 15-25 reps with a Kegel at the top 4) Standing Outer Thigh Leg Lift (abduction) 15-25reps 5) Back Kicks on all Fours 15-25reps Finish with 5-6 Cat Cow Stretches on all fours! ❤️Repeat 2-3x #Pregnant #positiveenergy #mommyworkout #legworkout #kellyrowland #jeanettejenkins #prenatalfitness #prenatalworkout.”

Back in July, the star, who confirmed that she was having a baby in an Instagram post, shared with E! News details about her pregnancy.

“I’ve gotten the best advice from every woman! It’s at the corner of the street, at the grocery store, at the mall … It’s really sweet actually the way women have been towards me,” the 33-year-old shared. “They ask can they touch my belly, they just have good advice. They’re just supportive and that’s the way we’re meant to be an a unit. It feels really good to have that support.”

The singer also revealed that her husband, Tim Witherspoon has been extremely supportive.

“He’s like have you eaten today? Did you take your vitamins? Did you drink enough water? He’s so hands on and I’m just so blessed,” she explained. “I just love him, he’s like the greatest guy ever. He’s so awesome I just can’t believe how blessed I am…and he is too! He’s an amazing man.”

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