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Fans Irritated With Chris Brown



When it comes to love, it appears as though Chris Brown is rather indecisive and his fans are becoming more and more irritated.

Over the weekend, the singer, who just dropped his new album X,  posted an image of himself on Instagram posing with his on-again off-again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. Tran and Chris are known to break up and then make up, but in the last round of their breakup saga, it appeared as though the two might have been done for good. But are they really?

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After Chris’ posted the snapshot, fans did not bite their tongues when expressing how they feel about the duo’s on-again off-again courtship.

“Ya’ll need to make up your da*n mind. Like are you together or not, confused a$$es.”

“Oh looooord, I’m sick of this emotional bs heyyyy!!! He can’t keep playing us like this!!!”

“Um, Christopher? What’s this? No, no, no we are not doing this again.”

“Sick of this,” one fan wrote.

“I knew it.”

“She’ll always go back to him.”

“Ugh, could you not.”

“She’s his doormat.”

But while many fans were disappointed with Brown, there were a slew of comments supporting Brown and Tran’s love.

“Stay with her, she’s hot.”

“And we’re back on, please be good to her this time.”

“If he’s happy, I’m happy.”

“Yaasssssss love ya’ll together.”

“Love you guys together and I know Chris can’t live without Karrueche … Cutest couple.”

“No two better soul mates.”

Only time will tell where the lovebirds relationship stands … For now … It’s safe to say the two are at least good friends.

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