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Exclusive: There Is One Person Who Can Beat Floyd Mayweather, Says Sugar Ray Leonard



On September 13, Floyd Mayweather will take on Marcos Maidana in one of the most anticipated rematches of the year. And while Mayweather holds on tight to his undefeated title, boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard tells HipHollywood there is only one person who can actually beat the boxing champ.

On Friday night, we caught up with Sugar Ray at the 14th annual Pump Brothers Gala to get his take on the forthcoming match and if Floyd will EVER be defeated. “The only person that’s going to beat Floyd Mayweather is Floyd Mayweather himself,” the night’s honoree told us. “Naturally as we get older there’s a greater chance of not having that total ability. But Floyd will be Floyd.”

Floyd and Maidana fought in a grueling match back in May and will fight again next month at the MGM Grand on Las Vegas.

During a recent press conference, Mayweather said that during this fight he will be faster, stronger and that “this time around it will be a more exciting fight.”

“I think that every time that Maidana has gone out and fought opponents, other opponents and even myself, he’s done the same thing,” Floyd explained. “Whereas out of the 45 that I’ve faced, I was able to do different things. I can box. I can counter punch. I can box on the move. I can counter punch on the move. The only way that he can fight is to slug.”

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