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Exclusive: Nicole Murphy Claims Michael Strahan Was Unfaithful + Signs A Split Was On The Horizon



Was Michael Strahan cheating on Nicole Murphy?

A source tells TMZ that Nicole went public about their breakup after she found out Strahan was dating another woman. The reality star announced their split on Friday, the day Strahan was being inducted into the professional football Hall of Fame. According to reports, Michael was blindsided by the announcement but per the source, it was not intentional.

The insider tells the news outlet that Murphy was doing some digging and became convinced that he was being unfaithful … It just happened to be the day he was entering the Hall of Fame. It was all coincidence.

Another source tells TMZ that the two had been split for several weeks and that their relationship has been on and off for almost two years. HipHollywood caught up Murphy back in May to talk about she and Strahan’s nuptials … But the model was coy about wedding details. “What am I doing, am I going to elope,” she asked herself. “I have a dress. Like I said, the man has 20 jobs so it’s hard to catch up with him right now.”

Based on Nicole’s comment, it’s safe to say that the duo’s bi-coastal relationship wasn’t as strong in May as many might have assumed. Michael had been living in New York while Nicole was spending most of her time in Los Angeles.

“They love each other very much, but with the distance and work schedule it has been hard to maintain the relationship,” the model’s rep said on Friday.

Michael and Nicole have been dating for over five years.

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