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Exclusive: Nelly Compares Mike Brown Shooting To Shooting A Dog In The Head



St. Louis rapper Nelly is heartbroken over the death of 18-year-old Mike Brown.

While backstage at the Uforia Music Festival in Los Angeles on Saturday, the 39-year-old shared with HipHollywood his personal thoughts regarding the death of the late teen. “You feel angry, you feel rage, you feel sad … It’s a run of emotions, ” he said.

“Mike Brown was not the last young brotha to be killed unjustly and he won’t be the last. But what we have to make sure is that the verdict is different from the last time.”

He continued, “Everybody makes mistakes, that don’t mean he deserved to die. That’s the biggest point and I think that’s getting misconstrued. If your dog bites you, you don’t take him out back and shoot him in the head.”

Nelly, along with several other A listers, including Chris Brown and Kevin Hart, have been in communication with the Brown family to create the Mike Brown scholarship fund to send kids to school in the name of the late teen. “The only thing that’s going to change it is intelligence and through education,” he added.

During the rapper’s performance, the 39-year-old wore a t-shirt that read: #WeNeeThatVerdict. The rapper’s band also wore t-shirts with world wide viral campaigns honoring the 18-year-old.

Just before Nelly hit the stage, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced a state of emergency in the St. Louis suburbs of Ferguson, imposing a five-hour nighttime curfew starting at midnight. “This is not to silence the people of Ferguson or this region, but to contain those who are drowning out the voice of the people,” Nixon said during a pres conference. “If we are going to achieve justice, we must first have and maintain peace.”

On Friday, officials named Darren Wilson, a 28-year-old white officer as the man responsible for the death of the unarmed 18-year-old, who was shot and killed just a week ago. Officials say Brown was suspected of stealing a box of cigars from a convenience store in a “strong-arm” robbery shortly before the shooting.

Wilson has been placed on administrative leave.

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