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Exclusive: Damon Wayans Jr. Talks Screaming In Women’s Vaginas



Damon Wayans Jr. cops a new role. The comedian, his New Girl co-star, Jake Johnson and comedian Rob Riggle are hitting the big screen this week in the new buddy comedy flick, Let’s Be Cops.

In the film, Wayans and Johnson are a pair of down on their luck roommates who decide to be cops after attending a masquerade ball. HipHollywood caught up with the boys to talk about if they were cops in real life, which Hollywood star would they take into custody and why.

While Rob, who plays an official cop in the movie, points to Johnson, Wayans blurts out “Vanity 6.” “I’d probably go back in time and arrest Vanity, Prince’s Vanity 6,” he said. “So I can scream in her vagina. It’s what kids are doing.”

LBC is hilarious, action packed and filled with raunchy NSFW moments. We talked with the boys about a moment in the film when (PLOT SPOILER!!) a large man’s testicles were being dragged across Wayan’s face. “I had no control over his anatomy down there,” Damon told us. “I’m glad that he wasn’t too blessed downstairs.”

Riggle added, “It was one of the top three funniest moments of my life.”

Let’s Be Cops hits theaters on August 13.


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