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Bill O’Reilly Slams Beyonce (Again) And “Gangster Rappers”



Bill O’Reilly made headlines earlier this year after slamming Beyonce and her “Partition” music video, calling it “exploitative garbage.” Now, the FOX News host is slamming the yet singer again.

During a chat with contributor Ben Carson, O’Reilly compared Beyonce and rappers to legendary athletes while discussing racial versus social issues. “You remember Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays. Weren’t they fabulous athletes — I idolized Willie Mays,” O’Reilly told Carson. “And what do we have now? What do we have now? Gangster rappers, you know, Beyoncé. The most famous, you know, doing these videos that show these kinds of things to young, 9, 10, 11-year-old girls? I mean — and it’s celebrated. It’s celebrated. You know, that’s the big change.”

Bill’s comments come on the heels of Beyonece’s VMAs performance on Sunday night. During the singer’s I am woman hear me roar performance, the mom of 2-year-old Blue Ivy broke down a handful of songs from her latest self titled album.

Carson seemingly agreed with the host, responding, “The bottom line is, we as a society must come to understand that this is a problem that affects all of us,” Carson said. “And we don’t have to wait for Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or anybody to be the leader on this issue. And it doesn’t even have to be a Black person. I appreciate the fact that you’re willing to step out and talk about this because it is politically incorrect to do so now.”

Sound off: What do you think of Bill and Carson’s arguments?

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