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Young Yeezy: Watch 19-Year-Old Kanye Freestyle In New York



Kanye West may be spending his stage time nowadays giving 20-minute rants and explaining the glories of leather jogging pants but at one point in his life, he had to fight to get any play at all.

A video has emerged of 19-year-old Kanye West doing a freestyle in New York showing that Kanye has been talented from the very start. The video which was uploaded to YouTube Wednesday, was taken at the Fat Beats’ opening party on 6th Avenue in 1996. According to the DJ Eclipse, the uploader of the video, he came across the video and noticed Kanye while converting his old Hi8 videos to DVD on Tuesday. “What took me by surprise was the appearance of this 19 year old kid who at that time nobody knew,” he wrote in the description of the video.

In the video, Yeezy drops some classic lines including, “it ain’t original because I’m coming from the future” and covers a wide range of topics ranging from Alanis Morissette to hometown of Chicago.

Eight years later Kanye would drop his debut album The College Dropout which would launch him into music stardom.

Take a look at the video of “young Yeezy” below:

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