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Willow Smith Hates Her Own Music?



Can you believe it’s been four years since “Whip My Hair”?!

In 2010, Willow Smith’s infectious hair anthem took over airwaves. A lot has changed in those four years, especially Willow and the type of music she likes. While chatting with Teen Vogue, the youngest of the Smith clan revealed she could drop her long-awaited debut project right now if she wanted to, but isn’t a fan of her own music. “I have enough songs to make an album, but most of the songs I don’t like,” the quirky 13 year-old stated explaining her sound is too unique to categorize. “It’s going to be something outlandish, something that nobody can imagine, something that comes from me and only me. Something we need right now.”


While she’s not in any hurry to drop an album, she is focused on making sure her voice is still heard. She recently started tweeting again and when the mini fashion mag asked her about the sudden interest she replied, “I just felt like people needed to hear what I had to say, man. I feel like I can really give people a different view on things.”


Also during her interview, Will and Jada’s baby girl talked about her often talked about wacky style.

“My style is who I am all the time,” she says, “and who I am always changes.” For proof, look no further than her hair, which in the past few years has been green, pink, and now blonde. “My hair is super-, super-, super-, superhard to destroy,” she says with a laugh. “It’s a survivor.” As for the new shade, she proudly reports: “Blondes do have more fun!”

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