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The CIA Tweets About Tupac Missing



Tupac was shot and killed just under 20 years ago and while the murder has gone unsolved, the CIA is claiming that they know nothing about it via Twitter.

On Monday, the official twitter account of the Central Intelligence Agency celebrated their first month on Twitter by answering five of their most asked questions on the social media account.  Among a few joking answers including answering if they could use their intelligence and technology to find people’s lost passwords, they sent out a tweet about the conspiracy theory that Tupac is still alive and hiding somewhere,

“@CIA: No, we don’t know where Tupac is. #twitterversary”

The tweet quickly garnered a lot of attention with a mixed response from the Twittersphere by some who thought it was funny and others who saw it to be a little over the top coming from an agency who conspiracy theorists blame for being involved in the deaths of artists including Bob Marley.

“What a messed up tweet. We know where Tupac is: dead. The @CIA, of all parties, should not be encouraging such conspiracism.” one account tweeted.  

What do you think about the CIA’s Tweet? Was it distasteful or all in good humor?

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