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Ray J. Charged With 10 Crimes Following Drunken May Arrest



Ray J. was slapped with some hefty charges on Monday afternoon but the singer is keeping his head held high.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney charged the signer with 10 crimes, including sexual battery in connection with his May arrest. You might remember, earlier this year, the singer was taken into custody after getting unruly at a bar at the Beverly Wilshire. The 33-year-old, who was heavily under the influence of booze, “brushed” up against a woman’s butt and was asked to leave the bar.

Ray J. left the venue in an uproar and was eventually detained. While in custody, Brandy’s little brother spit on an officer and kicked out a window of the cop car. According to the singer as well as law enforcement, the touching of the butt was accidental, but the D.A hit Ray with sexual battery anyhow.

Per TMZ, the “I Hit It First” singer was charged with misdemeanor battery, 4 counts of resisting arrest, 3 counts of assault and battery and 2 counts of vandalism.

Following the charges, the singer took to Twitter and posted an encouraging message. “Never let a stumble in the road be the end of a journey.” Ray captioned the message:

“Let the possibilities inspire you more than the obstacles discourage you. #FaceYourFear #CrushObstacles #HitHomerun.”

During an exclusive chat with Ray J. back in March, the singer told HipHollywood that he was planning on changing his ways in 2014. “I’m learning as I go,” confessed Ray J. “I’ve learned from a lot of the things that I experienced in 2013, and it’ a new year, and I always leave room for mistakes, but I always leave more room to learn from what I’ve been through.”

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