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Odd Couple: Kem Teams Up With Romeo Miller For New Song?



Look, we all love a unique music collaboration, but when we heard (via Wikipedia) that Kem had teamed up with Romeo Miller for his new song “It’s You” we were a bit taken a back. However, when we asked the R&B singer about Miller supposedly writing the song, he set the record straight. “No, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth,” Kem stated. Check out the rest of his funny response below.

Kem may not be working with Romeo, but he did reveal he has a song with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg on his upcoming album, Promise To Love. While we were on the set of his video for the first single “It’s You”, Kem explained why, instead of rapping the lyrics himself, he decided to enlist Snopp for the song “Downtown”.

Kem’s fourth studio album, Promise To Love, hits stores August 26th.

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