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Lil Wayne Faces Huge Lawsuit, Young Money In Jeopardy!



Just several weeks after winning a BET Award for “Best Group,” Lil Wayne and the Cash Money label become the faces of a new lawsuit.

According to TMZ, the label, which represents the likes of mainstream artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj, is being sued by the people behind the website,, a site which existed before Young Money.

Per the news outlet, the company, which helped young aspiring entrepreneurs make make money, sold the household name to Cash Money back in 2011 for  $600,000, but there were some stipulations. According to the suit, the agreement was that the label had to make payments on time, or else, Weezy and fam would have to give up the name. And according to the docs, the label has not held up their part of the agreement.

Per the suit, the label has a balance of 250k, but refuses to pay the outstanding amount. The website’s seller is now fighting to get the name back.


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