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Keyshawn Johnson’s Wedding Invitations … Are Sick!!!!



Former NFL star, Keyshawn Johnson gets the award for coolest wedding invitations ever. iPad 4’s!

According to TMZ, Johnson sent all the guests the tablets which contains all the deets for the evening. Per the news outlet, as soon as you turn the device on, a program appears and it dishes out all the specific information regarding the evening’s festivities.

Also included on the iPad, the wedding registry so guests can purchase gifts right then and there. Convenient and so brilliant. The program also contains a photo gallery, guestbook and countdown to the nuptials.

Let’s break this down really quick: iPad 4’s run a little over $350.00. So assuming that the couple has at the very least 50 family and friends in attendance, we guestimate that Johnson spent nearly $17,500.00 on invites alone.

Johnson and his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Conrad will tie the knot sometime in August. The couple has two children together.

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