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Exclusive: Jagged Edge Doesn’t Think TGT Is A “Real” RnB Group



Jagged Edge may respect Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank as individual artists, but they don’t see TGT as a “real” RnB group.

During a recent interview at the HipHollywood Loft, the four group members opened up about their thoughts on TGT’s claim that they are bringing real RnB back,

“Its kinda presumtuos to act like we ain’t banging on the same doors and ya’ll gone come and magically open all the doors. We all in the same fight,” the group told HipHollywood. “Some of the groups that is out or wanted to be out, they ain’t have those opportunities, just like ya’ll saw it ain’t as easy as ya’ll thought it was gonna be.”

But it is not just the bold claim that TGT is bringing real RnB back that is bothering the four group members, it is also the idea that TGT believes they are a real RnB group,

“I don’t know if you even get what being in a group is all about when you throw it together. Its all about chemistry, its all about the report, its all about being able to stand with a certain amount of solidarity. If yall hardly together… I don’t know,” the group told HipHollywood. “And people know they not a group … everybody know who you are, you’re not hiding.”

Watch everything Jagged Edge had to say about TGT in the video above. What do you think about their critique of TGT? Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comment section below.



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