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Iggy Azalea On Nicki Minaj Beef: “Let It Go!”



Iggy Azalea is finally joining in on the conversation about her rumored beef with Nicki Minaj. Minaj took to social media on Wednesday to let fans know she wasn’t exactly coming for Iggy when she said BET should only honor authentic music and rappers who pen their own music.

Iggy took to Instagram shortly after Minaj’s message post her own thoughts regarding all the online gossip:

“I have to say the general explosion of pettiness online in the last few days is hard to ignore and honestly … lame. If I had won the BET Award that would’ve been great but it wasn’t my year and I don’t mind so you shouldn’t either. Generally speaking, I’m unbothered by anything that happened at the BET Awards and just feel warn out by everyone trying to make me have wars with people all the time. Anyone who wishes me well is welcome in my life and those who don’t can’t any more of my time. I hate to see everyone exhausting on my behalf over things that I’m still not 100% sure even exist and don’t matter. Just let it go.”

Nicki can try and save face now by denying she was talking about Iggy in her acceptance speech for Best Hip-Hop Artist, but it’s very clear to anyone with a brain that she was throwing shade at the first female emcee to challenge her reign as the queen of rap music.

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