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Exclusive: “Scandalous” President Obama Posters Taken Down Ahead Of LA Arrival



President Barack Obama is set to arrive in Los Angeles this afternoon to attend a DNC fundraising event hosted by Scandal creator, Shonda Rhimes. The television producer, along with Scandal star, Kerry Washington, will host the President and hundreds of guests who paid thousands of dollars to attend the ritzy gala.

Los Angeles will be the third stop on Obama’s recent West Coast swing … But as he arrives to the City of Angels, the husband of First Lady Michelle Obama will be greeted by a few “scandalous” posters around Los Angeles.

An anonymous street artist stirred up some controversy around Los Angeles this week after hanging posters around Shonda’s neighborhood featuring Obama’s face with the word “Scandals” written above it. Several of the posters have been taken down ahead of Obama’s arrival, but a few still stand.

The artist was clearly trying to make a statement regarding some of the political scandals happening in the White House. The artist also pointing out the irony in Rhimes’ hosting the event. As we all know, Kerry Washington stars on the hit ABC show, as Olivia Pope, a crisis manager who handles political scandals. The words “Fast and Furious”, “Isis”, “Obamacare”, “NSA” are just some of the words floating around the poster.

On the bottom of the image, you’ll find the words “Don’t be an #asshole”, a term Shonda used during a commencement speech at Dartmouth.

To attend the soiree, held at Rhimes’ mansion in the affluent community of Hancock Park, ticket prices started as low as $1,000.00. To be present at the reception and for a photo op with the President, guests paid #10,000.00 and the maximum contribution of $32,000.00 allows donors to co-host the event and attend dinner with our nation’s President.





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