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Exclusive! Michelle Williams: I Jam To My Number 1 Single



Michelle Williams is not afraid to jam out to her own music.

Williams’ single, “Say Yes,” featuring Kelly Rowland and Beyonce skyrocketed to number 1 on the Hot Gospel Songs charts last week after the premiere of the track’s high energy music video.

While on the red carpet for Debra Lee’s “PRE” BET Awards Dinner, Michelle opened up to HipHollywood about creating the song and how she immediately vibed with it.

“Sometimes I forget it’s my song and when I’m just playing it, I’m like ‘oooh’ and then I’m like ‘you’re corny for boppin to your own song,'” she told us. “But it’s a dope beat first of all. The chorus itself is an old Nigerian song and the producer of the song, Harmony Samuels is Nigerian and he said ‘you need to record this song.'”

She continued, “When he started singing it to me, an amazing power came through the studio and I said “oh my God, I have to do this.’ And it has taken on a life of it’s own.”

The video has reached nearly 5 million views on Vevo. Congrats to the ladies!

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