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Apollo Nida Says Marriage To Phaedra Parks Is Probably Over!



Apollo Nida was asked, point blank, if he thought his marriage to Phaedra Parks would survive his upcoming eight year prison term and he answered, “I doubt it.”

Nida stopped by Atlanta’s B-100 radio station and spoke frankly about the current state of his relationship with the Real Housewives of Atlanta star. ““My wife didn’t even f—ing show up for my sentencing,” Apollo exclaimed, “I’m still kind of salty about that.” The two-time convict also opened up about how this whole ordeal may affect his two sons. “I’ve just really been upset at just how I was raised and that I could possibly be taking my son through the same thing. But by the grace of God, he’s still young and we have many years ahead of us,” Apollo revealed.

Just earlier this year, before his sentencing, Apollo stated that he felt Phaedra should stand by her man no matter what. “I think Phaedra, in a perfect world, should be supportive as a wife should be…But if she chooses to derail from the plan, then that’s what she chooses to do,” Nida told the Ryan Cameron Morning Show, “I would like to say I would want her to stay around and do what a wife should do. But tomorrow’s not promised.” he said.

The hunky RHOA husband was convicted of check fraud and money laundering earlier this month. In addition to eight years in prison, he will also have to pay back the $1.9 million dollars he stole.

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