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T-Boz Says Rihanna Can Catch Fade If She Wants



If Rihanna is looking for a fight, TLC member T-Boz says she’s not hard to find. Rihanna threw some major shade at the group after they dissed her for rocking revealing clothing during an interview with Sunrise Australia. “Every time I see you, you don’t have to be naked. It is what it is, I call it spade of spade. We sold and became the biggest girl-selling group of all-time with our clothes on, that says a lot. It’s easy to sell sex … we can go around with boobie cakes out all day long.”

Rihanna responded by posting this photograph of the ladies on her Twitter.

T-Boz was asked about her feud with the Barbadian singer in Los Angeles this week by a TMZ paparazzo and made it clear she wasn’t afraid to get hood if things called for it. “I don’t do Twitter beefs. I’m a grown ass woman. You want to holler, you know where to find me, it ain’t hard. Not at all.”

T-Boz did add that she likes Rihanna music, so maybe they can kiss and makeup, but knowing Rihanna, we find that highly unlikely.

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