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R. Kelly Shuts Down When Pressed About Transgender Child



R. Kelly is finally speaking out about his transgender daughter, Jaya. The 13-year-old says he has identified himself as a male since the age of seven, but his singer father revealed during a recent radio interview that you shouldn’t believe the gossip.

“As far as that’s concerned, always believe what you see—with your own eyes that is. That’s the best way to go about this business. I’ve heard a lot of things about a lot of people and it was never true,” Kelly’s told WCGI’s, The Morning Riot.

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The problem with Kelly’s take is that Jaya has publicly stated that he no longer views himself as a girl. “I believe I am a boy and want surgery, and the medication to help me [be] who I was supposed to be,” the teenager recently wrote on his page.

Regardless, the subject is something Kelly isn’t fond of discussing. “Why do you think I’ve been here for 27 years and still relevant? Because I don’t address dumb sh*t. I don’t do it. I just don’t do it.”

Check out the interview when you flip the page to see how agitated the subject makes the singer. 

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