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Louis C.K, Judd Apatow: TMZ, Take Down Video of Tracy Morgan Wreck … Now!



Loius C.K and Judd Apatow are demanding that TMZ remove the footage showing the aftermath of the horrific crash that killed comedian James McNair and injured several, including Tracy Morgan, Ardie Fuqua and Harris Stanton.

The video, taken by a driver passing by, not only shows the wreckage just moments after the crash, but it also shows Fuqua being pulled out from the mangled limo bus that was carrying the comedians.

“Take it down TMZ. Now. Please,” Louis tweeted on Wednesday night. Later adding, “Ur all crashing the Link to story. Tmz has a video of footage of my friends Tracy and Arte in a terrible crash. They are in IC.”

Louis followed up his tweets by re posting an Instagram message from Fuqua’s daughter which read:

“I honestly would like to petition for TMZ to remove this video. They don’t understand how hurtful it is to see my father be dragged out of the wreckage. Along with all the false information on his condition. I understand people want to know and people want to be updated, but enough is enough. This is hurting my heart so bad that this video is posted for all to see. No one should see my father this way.”


She captioned the message, “I need help to get TMZ to remove the video of the accident that shows my dad being pulled from the truck and laid down to the side. This something no one should ever see, it’s hurtful and distasteful.”

Apatow also tweeted”

please take down the accident video.”

TMZ has not removed the video.





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