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Jeremy Meeks: You’ll Never Guess Who Is Willing To Help Bail The Sexy Felon Out of Jail!



Jeremy Meeks, the felon whose mug shot went viral last week, might be getting a little help from a tattoo removal company who is offering to put up a chunk of change towards his $900,000.00 bail.

According to TMZ, not only has LaserAway offered $20k to help bail the 30-year-old out of jail, but has also offered Meeks free laser treatment. The company was “touched” by a comment made by the felon’s mother, claiming that her son has been stereotyped by his tattoos.

“He has a job and … He was on his way to work. With no gang affiliations as per two of the charges,” his mother, Katherine Angier wrote on GoFundMe. “He has old tattoos …which causes him to be stereotyped. He’s my son and I’m just trying to raise funds to help him in anyway. Please help him to get a fair trial or else he’ll be railroaded.”

Last week, Meeks was taken into custody on five weapons charges and one gang charge. Following the 30-year-old’s arrest, the Stockton Police Department posted Meeks mugshot on Facebook, which went on to garner over 30,000 “likes,” and 9,400 comments, and had been shared more than 2,900 times.

Not only have women joked about Meeks getting out of jail so they can “have him” but according to reports, modeling agencies are looking to make Meeks a few offers when he gets out of the pin.

By the way, the police department considers Meeks one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton, Ca. area.

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