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Iggy Azalea Slams Haters: “Most Of You Have Done Nothing With Your Lives”



Iggy Azalea took to Twitter early Monday morning to slam Internet bullies. In a series of tweet, the “Fancy” singer launched into a tirade about people who criticize and slam others in the virtual world:

“Just remember while your all at home online cracking jokes about artists, that most of you have done NOTHING, NOTHING with your lives,” the “Fancy” singer wrote.

“Don’t flex someone else’s achievements. So many of you Internet kids quote the feats of others as if they were your own. And just to clarify for anyone who didn’t understand that last statement goes out to people who bully others … Fan wars back and forth and all that sh*t is all bullsh*t. Someone who’s music you love doing great should never be an excuse to be awful to others. That’s my point I suppose. I just find it really disgusting. Don’t be cruel to one another. And learn to understand how much work it takes to achieve anything in life. Success should be celebrated and not used as an excuse to be awful to others, especially when it’s not even your own. That was my point. It was a positive but aggressive point. Lol. Anyway it’s my man’s bday and I’m outtttt!”

Now, if only Iggy would explain how an Australian model can market herself as a Southern rapper.

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