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Exclusive: Tiffney Cambridge: “I Would Never Keep Cali and Justice away from [The Game]”



Tiffney Cambridge wants to make one thing clear: she has never, and would never, keep her two children away from their father, rap star, The Game.

“He’s their father. They love him and he’s loves them. That’s apparent to myself and everyone else, and no there hasn’t been an occasion where I’ve kept Cali and Justice from him,” Tiffney shared with us in an exclusive sit-down interview.

In April, The Game took to his Instagram to vent to his fans about being deprived from seeing his two his children. The message came just a couple weeks after reports surfaced that the Compton-bred rapper had assaulted Cambridge at her home. He wrote:

QUESTIONS: How come men that fully take care of their children financially & are 100% emotionally & physically available and want to be fathers have to beg to see their children & are deprived….. & men that are dead beats, that don’t do s*** for their kids are begged to be in their child’s lives & have to give nothing ??

At the time, Cambridge did not address the issue on social media, but told us she realizes that The Game, born Jayceon Taylor, has a different way of expressing himself. “Jayceon takes to social media to address things that I feel are personal, I let that be his lane and I stay in mine,” she said.

Currently, the couples reality show Marry the Game has returned for third season on VH1. Cambridge updated us on the status of their relationship, and also discussed some of the rumors circulating about The Game and other women, a possible appearance on Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop: LA and her new book. Check back tomorrow for those details in our exclusive interview.

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