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Did V. Stiviano Conspire With The Lakers To Rid Clippers Of Donald Sterling?



From Clippers to Lakers … It looks like V. Stiviano has jumped ship.

On Tuesday afternoon, Stiviano posted a seemingly cryptic message on Instagram about her love for not only the Lakers, but her admiration for the late, Jerry Buss. Stiviano included an image of a Lakers championship ring, writing:

“NO BAD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.”#Classic#lakers#losangeleslakers#LAlakers#cityofangels#cityofchampions#cityoflosangeles#winners#gold#purple A true philanthropist, an American hero thee infamous, #JerryBuss I played my best hand, just like you taught me. If you surround yourself, with the best it’s only a matter of time, that you become one of them. Watch me play poker right in front of your eyes. #CNN.”


Stiviano became the center of the Sterling scandal after her voice was heard during the infamous taped recordings of the Clippers owner making disparaging remarks about Black people. Donald’s comments eventually led to him being banned from the NBA for life.

V.’s recent Instagram post has led many to believe that she conspired with the Lakers to bring down the Clippers franchise. Stiviano was Sterling’s former assistant many believe was also Sterling’s former mistress. And based on the self proclaimed fashion designer’s message, she and the late Los Angeles Lakers owner were also good friends.

Sound off: Whose team is she really playing for?

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