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What Dr. Dre’s Son Is Saying About His Dad’s Billionaire Status!



Dr. Dre’s son is a great kid … Because unlike most children, he isn’t going after his dad’s money.

TMZ camera’s caught up with Dre’s oldest son, Curtis Young at the Ontario Airport on Thursday night and the 32-year-old made it clear that he has no intention on begging his pops, who just reached billionaire status, for money.

“That’s his money man,” he told the photographer. “I knew he was going to do it and I’m proud of hm. Much power to him. He on the rise, he might be a trillionaire.”

Young, who goes by the rap name, Hood Surgeon, was traveling to Mexico and didn’t hesitate to share that he was flying coach. But, according to the rapper, he is totally fine with that. Private jets? Who needs them.

“That’s his money and he took it to another level in hip hop and I’m proud of him. A lot of people ain’t ever going to reach that. I don’t know how it is to wake up to be the first riches rapper in hip hop.”

Dr. Dre made history as hip hop’s first billionaire after Apple bought Dre’s Beats Electronics for a whopping $3.2 billion dollars. The deal was also one of Apple’s biggest acquisition ever.

Check out the video below:

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