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Is Master P Exploiting Family Drama For A Reality Show?



Master P has been know for his entrepreneurial spirit but is he taking it to far?

TMZ has reported that the 44-year-old New Orleans native is developing a show that will highlight or better yet, “celebrate” the dysfunctional situation that his family is currently in. This shouldn’t be hard seeing as in the last year, he has dealt with a messy divorce in which his ex tried to get almost 40% of his $178,743,300 — which included 31 properties, 45 companies, and 13 cars. To top that, P has also faced trouble with his ex who took him to court for allegedly kidnapping his own children and was involved in a sketchy situation in which he pleaded for people to help him find his daughter who turned up just 2 hours after going missing.

According to the report, Master P knows that this family drama will help him sell the show, is already in the process of shooting episodes and is pitching the show to VH1, Oxygen and BET.

Master P recently lashed out at TMZ in a song for reporting on all of the drama he has been dealing with stating:

“Drag my name through the mud/TMZ and then I’m back/to many zeroes/my pockets be fat” 

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