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Dream Killer: Shonda Rhimes Snaps Back “I’ve Never Heard Of Eric West!”



Gladiators are going ham right now!

It’s no secret that Columbus Short is going through his own personal Scandal these days and subsequently got fired from the ABC drama. On Wednesday, Deadline reported that up and coming actor Eric West would fill the shoes vacated by Short and assume the role of Harrison on the hit show.

But, Scandal creator and writer, Shonda Rhimes was quick to put that rumor to rest.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.34.58 AM

We appreciate the fact that Shonda set the record straight, but did she have to ether Eric like that?! We’re sure the role would have been a dream come true for the kid, but after Rhimes’ “I’ve never heard of Eric West” comment, it doesn’t look like he has a chance at starring in any ShondaLand production.

For their part in the mix up, Deadline posted an apology to all the Scandal fans.

Sorry, Scandal fans. In the rush of upfront news, a release purported to be from ABC about an actor named Eric West, whose name had been circulated for weeks, replacing troubled Scandal co-star Columbus Short got to me. It turns out it was an elaborate hoax, which is very unfortunate. Scandal creator said on Twitter that she has never heard of West and there are no plans to recast Short.

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