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Deep, Dark Secrets Of The Knowles/Carters: Solange Allegedly Writing Tell-All Book!



The rumor mill is buzzing with reports that Solange Knowles is writing a tell-all-book about Jay Z and Beyonce’s alleged, troubled marriage.

Earlier this month, Solange attacked Jay Z while in the elevator of the Standard Hotel following the Met Gala. The fight, which was caught up camera and released for the world to see, has drawn many people to speculate what is really going on behind closed doors. And although the family states that “We’ve put this behind us and hope everyone else will do the same,” it’s reported that Solange has much more to say.

According to In Touch, Solange is sick of taking the back seat to Beyonce and she is ready to share with the world the deep dark secrets of her sister’s marriage, her estranged father and how Beyonce overlooks Jay Z’s womanizing.

“Solange was always in the background while Beyonce was the golden child,” a family friend tells the mag. “She’s sick of being held down and she’s ready to fight back.”

Sound off: Do you think Solange would really air her family’s dirty laundry?


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