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Correction! Jay Z And Solange Didn’t Go Shopping For Jewelry



Despite reports made by TMZ, Jay Z and Solange did not go shopping together Tuesday evening at high end jewelry store, Mr. Flawless.

How do we know? Mr. Flawless told us.

HipHollywood talked with the jewelry store who confirmed that TMZ’s story was false and that the two never came in.

Whatsmore, the jewelry store owner also told E! News that TMZ’s story was made up. “I have no idea where this story came from. I don’t talk about clients, but they were not here. It’s absolutely false.”

On Tuesday evening, TMZ reported that the duo were spotted shopping in the store. According to their report, they stayed 20 minutes, but didn’t buy anything.

TMZ has since defended their story writing: “Solange’s rep says she wasn’t in NYC. However, we were told by Mr. Flawless himself that he personally waited on Jay Z and Solange … and was specific as to how long they were there and where they were looking inside the store.”

On Monday, video surfaced of Solange going berserk on her brother-in-law while in the elevator at the Standard Hotel in New York. Neither Jay, Bey or Solo have said a word about what actually happened, and we may never know.

spoke to Mr. Flawless, the owner of the jewelry shop in question, who told her that the TMZ report of Solange and Jay Z coming into his store was simply not true. – See more at:

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