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Video! T.I, The Game: Furious Standoff With Cops!



T.I. and The Game were involved in a nasty standoff with police on Wednesday morning and the entire incident was caught on camera.

According to TMZ, a group of guys, who were allegedly “mutual acquaintances” of both rappers were denied entrance at the door which did not sit well with the group. According to the news outlet, the men started arguing with security which led to a blown out fight. One of the guys in the group threw a punch at a security officer and that’s when security unleashed on the posse.

According to TMZ, security beat two men from the group up, hit them to the ground, in which they allegedly kicked one of them in the face while he was down. That’s when T.I and The Game stormed out of the club in furry and started an intense stand off with officers.

Turns out, the rappers were under the impression that the police officers, who happened to be present at the time were the ones who beat their alleged buddies up, but it was really security.

In the video, you see what appears to be a dozen cops standing in defense with their batons drawn, while T.I, The Game and a group of friends stand off. At one point, The Game was so furious, T.I had to calm him down.

The Los Angeles Police Department tells us there were no arrests, nobody pressed charges, there were no transports and all parties were cooperative.

Check out the video below:

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