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NeNe Leakes Splurges On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partner, Tony Dovolani!



NeNe Leakes and her Dancing With the Stars partner, Tony Dovolani stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show on Wednesday night and the dancing couple shared that there is no limit when it comes to splurging on each other.

While discussing a recent verbal altercation the dancing couple had during a recent rehearsal, Tony revealed that NeNe apologized with a very expensive gift. “What was interesting about that moment was we were both tired, we had flown red eye. You know when you just don’t want to be somewhere you find the smallest thing to bother you,” Tony said.

“The next day we came back, we hugged each other, I gave her roses and she bought be red bottoms,” Dovolani revealed. “I think I’m going to upset her more often.”

And as expected, during NeNe’s sit down with the comedian/host, the 46-year-old further addressed one of the most talked about reunion shows in Housewife history.

“I had no idea [it was going to happen],” she said. “It happened so quick. I very much support Porsha, I am team Porsha. If I felt Kenya was right even though I am not a Kenya fan and I have been very honest about that as well, I would side with her if I felt she was right.”

Leakes continued, “What do you want if you are going to provoke and you are going taunt, what do you want?” Aresenio chimed in asked why Bravo or host, Andy Cohen allowed Kenya to have props during the show.

NeNe responded, “I remember Porsha asking ‘can you stop her from pointing the thing [scepter].’ Nobody did anything. I actually think they thought it was going to be funny.”  She added, “Porsha is fragile, she’s definitely been through a lot … You can play with the weak for so long and they become strong.”

Check out what else NeNe had to say in the clip below:

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