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Los Angeles Clippers Stage Silent Protest



The Los Angeles Clippers staged a silent protest against their boss during Sunday’s playoff game against the Golden State Warriors. The squad dumped their shoot around gear at center court before tipoff, and wore their Clippers shirts inside out along with black armbands and black socks.

All-star Chris Paul was overheard telling teammates, “We’re going to be one. Everything we do, we do it together. Stay together. Play ball.”

Donald Sterling, the disgraced owner of the team was absent from the game, but his wife of 50 years, Rochelle Sterling, was present. Despite their efforts, the Clippers lost to the Warriors, 97-118.

Sterling is under fire because of comments he allegedly made to his girlfriend on a leaked audio recording. The owner was upset with V. Stiviano because she posted pictures on Instagram of herself with Black people. Sterling can be heard on the tape demanding Stiviano not bring Black people to his games.

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