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Is Spike Lee Teaming Up With Eminem For New Music Video?



Spike Lee and Eminem are teaming up for the “Headlights” music video.

This weekend the “The Real Slim Shady” posted a picture of himself standing next to the ‘Do The Right Thing” director on the set of his upcoming video in Detroit.

“Spike came out to The D for the “Headlights” video. . . . Coming soon,” Eminem captioned the picture.

Spike reposted the picture hours later with the caption:

“Detroit’s Finest EMINEM And Me Working Together On His Short a Film.Historic. Who Woulda Thunk It.”

While there has been no official word that Spike Lee is the director for the video, it would not be a surprise seeing as the 57-year-old has directed music videos for a long list of artists including Michael Jackson and Public Enemy.

The song “Headlights” will show a side of Eminem that we have not really seen yet. In the song, Em apologizes to the mother that he spent about a decade attacking with lyrics. In the song you he raps:

I went in headfirst
Never thinking about who what I said hurt, in what verse
My mom probably got it the worst
The brunt of it, but as stubborn as we are
Did I take it too far?

We are crossing our fingers hoping that Spike wasn’t just in Detroit hanging out and was actually there to direct the video.

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1 Comment

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