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Exclusive: Can The NBA Force Donald Sterling To Sell The Clippers?



On Tuesday morning, NBA commissioner, Adam Silver will announce during a press conference the fate of Donald Sterling’s future with the Los Angeles Clippers. During a recorded conversation that was leaked over the weekend, the Clippers owner allegedly made some disparaging and racist comments and scolded alleged girlfriend, V. Stiviano for posting pictures with Black people online.

A full investigation has been launched, but the big question is: Can the NBA force Sterling to step down as owner or can they force Sterling to sell the team? HipHollywood caught up with attorney, Jamon Hicks of the Douglas Hicks Law Firm who weighed in.

“Assuming that the NBA releases a statement today stating that they want Mr. Sterling to step down as the owner of the Clippers, you will likely see a lawsuit from Mr. Sterling against the NBA on the grounds that they are trying to force him to give up his property, his rights to own the team and that they are forcing him to step down.”

Hicks continued, “And that all he was doing, even if you’re assuming it was very foul language, that he is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech and that you can not then punish him by taking the team away from him.”

The Clippers will take on the Golden State Warriors tonight for a highly anticipated game 5 of the Western Conference quarterfinal series.


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