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Diddy Makes WAY More Money Than Jay Z! Find Out How Much!



Take Dat, Take Dat! Diddy makes more money than ANY hip hop artist.

The Forbes Five list of Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists has just been released and for the fourth year in a row the Bad Boy music mogul reigns supreme.

Due in large part to Revolt TV, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs increased his pockets by $120 million over the last year and now boast a staggering $700 million net worth. Second runner-up? That title goes to Dr. Dre. Because of Beats by Dre, the legendary music producer is worth $550 million dollars.

Jay Z holds down the middle of the list slightly behind Dre with $520 million to his names. Jigga’s credits include the sale of Rocawear, his Live Nation deal and the recent addition of the sports management division of Roc Nation.

Rounding out the list is Bryan “Birdman” Williams with a net worth that would be $300 million if he didn’t share it with his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams (although we’re sure Birdman takes home a bit more than his bro) and 50 Cent whose business savvy has him worth over $100 million.

Looks like these fellas will be in the billion dollar club before we know it! Are you surprised by their net worths? Let us know in the comments below.

Spotted @ Forbes

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Helenofreims

    October 16, 2015 at 11:02 AM

    “Usually, I’m critical of “Hip hop” aggression of Black society both of men are successful business persons. Audience doesn’t have idea on there “status” there chosen with joint adventures with companies by “Zionist” when write this term not
    slandering heritage. Cultural manipulation of authority exclusive industries in “USA”what did I say the flaw of Blacks relying upon. Externals Puffy Daddy and Jay Z could they promote legislation to destroy “Stop and Frisk” there not. Greedy fools, tools which cool get money from those in denial do they care absolutely not audience impartial of realty. Example your admire the materialistic appearance opposite many affluent Blacks whom finance and law firms making there cash stashing else where. Jay Z actually puppet for whom? Sony and Zionist realty companies laughing when stood next former mayor “Bloomberg” whom detested his presents. Racism beyond color attitudes economics when see men above you to can acquire wealth how? Get career enroll college find appropriate vocations lobby social justice ask Jay Z about Barney’s NYC whom targeted Black consumers whom thought couldn’t purchase over price attire still the same Jay Z and Puff Daddy turn down with frowns so many Co-0pt boards of NYC why they have money. Color difference, old guard of stratification you’ll never succeed don’t blame “Hip hop” it’s choice why majority of Blacks living NYC public housing oppose Asians whom buying yes. Commercial dwellings we see lack of encouraging tomorrows generation bigotry K-12 of NYC whom allow to improvement of curriculum I know this not topic discussion. Only few, have clue about photo above your looking façade to Black men with false grins drinking expensive gin. What about foundation non-musical can comprehend this or not (SHSAT) test students enroll top K-12 DOE guys there problem? Black students whom, qualify place on waiting list help back due race this disgrace aware or care majority of chosen few
    actually enrolled private educational institutions. What rich doing to retain there status Jay Z you expect only best for your child going enrolled boarding school where speak proper candor. Never see disparity urban sins of NYC why school boards in NYC exclusive non-Black? Hello whom DOE “Carmen Farina,Ursulina
    Ramirez,Raymond Orlando and Maite Junco formerly “Hispanics” where limited
    political no longer associate with majority why economics playing entitled race card? Black wealth what ever men your affluent how about educational problems you paying taxes to support them. Hip hop needs to stop HESC and NYSED-(OHE,
    PIMS and ACCES) programs for students threw school boards of NY state. Concern we need more Blacks with facts to obtain goals you laugh why so many immigrates NYC favor oppression racism towards Blacks. Two men making it everyone else could if they applied themselves not blaming others NYC ran by hateful racist” whom continue interfere lives to disrupt progress of Blacks! Merci

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