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What’s That On Your Nose, Stevie J?



A recent photograph of reality TV star Stevie J has some people wondering if he’s abusing drugs. Back in 2012, Stevie’s girlfriend Joseline Hernandez blasted him on Twitter, calling him a “junkie,” “drug abuser” and warning women to stay away from men that offer them drugs.

That’s why it’s surprising for many that Joseline would post an image of the two riding in the back of a limousine last week, with white powder clearly visible on Stevie’s nose. In all honesty, the substance could be anything. Perhaps the couple popped through a Krispy Kreme on their way to the club, who knows? But that certainly didn’t stop Jocelyn’s followers from speculating.

“D*mn stebbie a powder head … it’s OK though … to each it’s own. But J, you didn’t see that sh*t on his nose before posting it? Or you was like f*ck that n*gga, I look good in this I ain’t cropping sh*t out,” one person commented.

“Look at Stevie J and his coke nose,” another follower remarked.

The couple, who are also very vocal on social media when it comes to dealing with gossip and rumors, have been mum on the photograph.

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