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Tiny’s BFF, Shekinah Jo Opens Up About Becoming A Reality Star, Plastic Surgery And The Haters



Shekinah Jo quickly became a fan favorite when she first appeared alongside Atlanta rapper T.I and his wife Tameka Harris on their hit VH1 reality show, TI & Tiny’s Family Hustle. The Atlanta resident’s infectious spirit and witty personality captured audiences around the world, and now, the star is living pretty large.

During an exclusive interview with gossip site Bossip, Shekinah opened up about becoming a reality star and even extreme plastic surgeries. “They took this fat out of my stomach,” the star said as she showed her belly. “And they put it all in my behind. It moves and everything.”

As for getting a breast reduction, the star revealed that it will happen eventually. “I don’t know what day, what time what year. If these breasts don’t go down on their own, I’m going to take them down.”

The reality star, who has upwards of 110k followers on Twitter, also addressed the haters on social media. “People who talk about you is sad, usually they are fat … They broke, they mad. I get a lot of comments that make it sound like ‘Tiny made her, Tiny made who she is.’ It kind of aggravates me because Tiny did help me in my life, but don’t get it twisted, but God made me. But she did put me in position.”

She added, “It’s me who keeps myself moving that makes stuff happen.”

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