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R. Kelly Says He Has 57 Unreleased Chapters Of ‘Trapped In The Closet’



When “Trapped in the Closet” came out in 2005, you would have never guessed that it would grow as big a it has and R. Kelly is already in the process of growing it bigger.

In a recent interview with V Magazine, the “pied piper of RnB” revealed that he has a whopping 57 unreleased chapters of “Trapped In The Closet” that are already done.

When I first started writing Trapped in the Closet, I didn’t know myself what it was. I had one chapter and I had no hook. It never turned into a song, it was just a cliff-hanger and one chapter led to another, and the next thing you know I have all of these chapters and now I have a leash on it. I can walk it wherever I want. I have a lot of characters. I have 57 more chapters that I haven’t released yet that are going to be released. This thing is forever.

When asked if he would ever create another movie for the musical drama, he said there was no doubt that this would happen.

Absolutely. When it comes to Trapped in the Closet, I want my fans to know that there is a lot more to come, and it’s forever. I’m very confident in writing it. 

With 33 chapters already out and 57 on the way, simple arithmetic will show that “Trapped in the Closet” is at 90 chapters and counting. This is literally turning into “The Song That Never Ends.”


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