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Nicki Minaj Reacts To Los Angeles Earthquake



Many in LA woke up Monday morning with the help of an 4.4 level earthquake that shook most of the city and left a lot of newcomers startled including the Harijuku Barbie herself.

Nicki Minaj took to twitter soon after the earthquake hit stating,

“This earthquake just made me re-evaluate my entire life. lol. I swear it felt like the entire house was picked up n thrown down the block.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 9.14.12 AM

But Nicki was not the only east coaster to be freaked out by the quake, Meek Mill also took to twitter stating that the he realized the earth was shaking while he was in the studio recording his upcoming album, Dreams Worth More Than Money.

 “F–ked my flow up in the booth, I thought a ghost touched me! Lol,” the Philly native tweeted. “I ran up out that booth so fast … we ain’t use 2 no earthquakes.”

The earthquake hit at 6:25 a.m. Monday morning at a depth of 5.3 miles, so far no immediate reports of serious damage have been reported.


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