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Exclusive: Nick Cannon Says “Bring It On” To Those Offended By His Whiteface!



Nick Cannon came under fire this week after he posted several images of himself on Instagram in whiteface, all in efforts to promote his new album, White People Party Music.

“It’s official… I’m White!!! #WHITEPEOPLEPARTYMUSIC #Wppm in stores April 1st!!!!!!Dude Go Get It!!!Join The Party!!!! #GoodCredit #DogKissing #BeerPong #FarmersMarkets #FistPumping #CreamCheeseEating #RacialDraft “Bro I got drafted,” one caption read.

In several snapshots posted on the social media network, the rapper poses as skater boy, “Connor Smallnut.” In the photos, Mariah Carey’s husband can be seen sporting a flannel shirt, skinny jeans and a beanie.

The 33-year-old’s photos garnered a lot of negative attention by social media users, in fact, many calling him racist.

“I’m actually black and this is terrible. Black face is a problem and its wrong, but when someone does white face, that isn’t racist,” someone wrote.


“Using stereotypes of any kind is pure ignorance. This kind of behavior brings out society back a few steps,” another comment read.

Many people are even comparing Cannon’s “Connor Smallnut” character to Juliane Hough’s Halloween costume when she went dressed as Uzo Aduba’s character, Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black. The former Dancing With The Stars dancer was criticized for doing blackface and was eventually forced to apologize for her actions. But for Cannon, he is holding his ground.

“Damn I didn’t know it was going to be this hard being White! … I’m exhausted with all this “privilege” LOL #WhitePeopleProblems,” Nick tweeted on Tuesday.

“I’m so happy we are all having this conversation ! It’s definitely needed!”

HipHollywood recently caught up with the Cannon to talk about the controversy behind the album and he says, bring it on. “I think there should be a White People Party march on Washington. Everybody who is offended by the title should march, uncoordinatedly,” he joked.

“It’s one of those things where I don’t take myself seriously and this is just another thing … It’s just about having fun. And white people know how to have fun, more than anyone on the planet. That’s why it all goes together,” he said about creating the album.

Sound off: Do you think Nick is in the wrong for posing in whiteface?

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