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Jason Weaver On Lil Boosie Jail Release: “We Should Celebrate Those Who stayed OUT”



Over the past few days, Lil Boosie’s lil homies have been celebrating the rapper’s release from jail, but according to Jason Weaver, the world should be celebrating those who have stayed “OUT” of prison.

On Thursday, the actor posted this image on Instagram of a man holding a sign that reads, “C’mon son,” with the caption:

“Ok so…. I see a lot ppl on IG posting stuff about Lil Boosie gettin out of prison, talmbout ‘Welcome Home’ ‘Boosie Back’ and all kinds of other coon sh*t. Listen man, no disrespect to Boosie or anyone else for that matter who has ever been incarcerated, but the problem I have with the IG posts regarding him gettin out is it’s being displayed like it’s some kind of thing to celebrate.”

C'Mon Son

Jason continued, “I’m sorry man, but why can’t we celebrate young black men who have stayed OUT of prison? I’m not judging Boosie or any other individual who may have faced similar circumstances. It would sure be cool though if we posted more pics of our young brothas receiving high school diplomas, college degrees, and cool shit like that instead of a playa gettin out of prison mane. I’m about celebrating milestones in young black men’s lives that we can REALLY be proud of! Like for real… C’mon son!! Sorry for the rant, but I just had to say it.#KanyeShrug.”

On Wednesday evening, Lil Boosie was released from a Louisiana State Penitentiary after serving a five year sentence. The 31-year-old was initially serving time on a marijuana charge, but was busted attempting to smuggle drugs into prison, which led to his sentence being extended.

During his imprisonment, the 31-year-old faced numerous accusations, including a highly publicized murder trial in the 2009 killing of Terry Boyd. Torrence Hatch, the rapper’s legal name, was acquitted of first-degree murder in Boyd’s death in May 2012.

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