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Exclusive: What Inspired Lyrica Anderson To Write “Unf*ck You”



You might remember Lyrica Anderson as a young pop star who gave fans a fun ecclective vibe. Well now, the Grammy nominated artist has transitioned and molded herself into a sexy, r&b diva … And she loves it.

HipHollywood recently caught up with the Los Angeles native who opened up her music and why she decided to dive into the world of r&b. “It just felt like this is who I am now,” she told us. “When you’re growing up, you’re finding yourself, you’re finding your sound, you’re talking about things you’ve been through. I just feel like with the sound that I have now and that me and my team put together, is really where I am in life.”

And just nearly two years after parting from Timbaland’s record label, Mosley Music Group, Anderson is ready to drop her forthcoming independent EP, King Me 2. 

“You can expect some real feel good music. It’s really honest, just talking about everything; from your relationships to having a good time, to making love,” she told us.

The singer, who has written songs for the likes of huge artists, including Jennifer Hudson and Keri Hilson, currently has a single out called “Unf*ck You,” featuring Tydolla$ign. During our sit down, Anderson explained the inspiration behind the song.

“For girls and for guys, when you sleep with someone and maybe it didn’t quite go right, maybe it wasn’t good, or maybe you like them a lot more than you’re supposed to …. It’s basically a mutual thing for guys and girls. Everyone feels like ‘omg, I wish I could unf*ck this person,'” Anderson explained.

“Unf*ck You” is available on iTunes and be sure to check out Lyrica’s EP, King Me 2 set to drop sometime this Spring.

And as if one video wasn’t enough, Lyrica is back with a fresh twist on the visuals for her infectious track “Unf*ck You” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Bringing in some new eye candy, the video features America’s Next Top Model alum Don Benjamin.

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