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Exclusive: Tyler Perry Reveals His “Awkward” Moment with Nia Long



In Tyler Perry’s new film The Single Mom’s Club, Perry not only gets to put the moves on gorgeous actress Nia Long, he also gets to make out with her. HipHollywood caught up with Perry and Long during the films’ junket and found out Perry felt about his intimate moment with Long.

“I felt it was a bit awkward,” admitted Perry. “But it was supposed to be.”

In the film, the two play single parents trying to get their lives back on track, including dating and finding love again. But, Perry did admit that like most men, he’s had a thing for Long since she first burst on the scene in  Boyz in the Hood.

“Since day one, since day one”, Perry gushed, even asking Nia if they could try their kiss again.

Long also dished on how it feels being desired my men for decades, including having her name dropped in rap songs, and what it was like working with her son Masai on the film.

The Single Mom’s Club is in theaters March 14.

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