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Exclusive: Terry Crews’ Wife: “He Better Call Before He Does Anything Sexual On Screen”



When it comes to acting, Terry Crews usually plays the tough guy, the hunk or the funny man with a huge personality. But when it comes to his relationship with wife, Rebecca King-Crews, the actor turns into sweet, soft puddy.

There is nothing more admirable than a man who totally loves and respects his wife so much so, that he checks in with her before doing anything sexual on screen. And for the married couple of 24-years, that is protocol.

“When you’re married to an actor, you have to have an understanding about what you do and what you don’t do. And what you have to get permission to do,” Rebecca told HipHollywood exclusively while on the red carpet for BET’s Celebration of Gospel.

“So anytime he has to do a love scene, I know it before hand. And I better know about it before hand,” she said.

Recently, Crews had a pretty hot make out session with actress Cocoa Brown in Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club and we are told Rebecca knew about it before it went down. But when it comes to action scenes, she admitted she isn’t as concerned.

“More so, some of the comedy. If he has to do something really outrageous like dance in his underwear or something. I definitely have to get a heads up so the kids and I can be prepared for the embarrassment that will follow,” she said.

“It’s funny, but when you’re the family, it’s like ‘Oh dad, oh God.”

Rebecca is currently promoting her new Latin Jazz single, “In Your Presence” set to drop this summer.

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