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Exclusive: Fonzworth Bentley On ‘Think Like A Man Too’: “It Was Hot … Literally!”



B-E-N-T-L-E-Y, Fonzworth that is, will be making an appearance in Kevin Hart’s Think Like A Man Too and according to the actor, his character is just what Kevin Hart needed.

While on the red carpet for BET’s Annual Celebration of Gospel, HipHollywood caught up with Fonzworth to talk about shooting the film and what we can expect from his role.

“Kevin needs to learn how to pay his bills, and if he don’t pay his bills, there are people out here that aren’t afraid to talk to him about that, and so that’s what my character does in the film,” he told us. “It’s very funny.”

“We had a lot of fun. We know each other, so we were able to really improv and just get all off of the page and have a ball. So it was fun.”

The crew began filming in June 2013 and in of all places, Las Vegas. Fonzworth made it known filming in intense heat isn’t exactly the best.

“It was hot though, it was Vegas. It was a hundred and something degrees. I was like, ‘People live in this?’ They need an AC outside. It was ridiculous.”

Think Like a Man Too is set to hit theaters on June 20, 2014.

Check out the trailer below:

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