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Breaking News: Arrest Warrant Against Anita Baker Dropped



HipHollywood has learned that a Michigan judge has dropped an arrest warrant for legendary R&B singer, Anita Baker. The warrant was issued on Wednesday after Baker failed to appear for a hearing in connection with a lawsuit filed against her by a construction company.

Baker is being sued by Ray A. Smith Painting and Decorating for approximately $15,000 for work done on her Grosse Pointe property back in 2009. The 56-year-old admits that she hired the company to repair water damage to her home, but is adamant they failed to complete the work after collecting $60,000 from her.

In September 2010, Ray Smith filed a lawsuit against Anita but dropped it after her lawyer threatened to counter sue. In 2011, Smith’s team filed again, but we’re told they did not notify Anita or her lawyer. They obtained a “default judgment” and waited three years before requesting a “creditor’s exam” as a means of collecting the Judgment, but again did not serve Ms. Baker. Instead, they informed the court that they tried to serve the singer several times but couldn’t locate her. The court responded by issuing what’s called a “substituted service,” a measure that allowed the plaintiff’s camp to post the new lawsuit on the door of Anita’s home. Unfortunately, Ms. Baker was touring at the time and never got the notice.

The Grammy Award-winning artist adds that she had no idea she was being threatened a second time until a relative phoned her and broke the news. “It’s sinister to me, and I just don’t know what to do with sinister,” she added.

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